Business or Busy-ness

Are you always busy?

Do you feel like if you’re not busy, people won’t think you’re running a ‘real’ business?

Does it feel like you’re not successful if you’re not putting every single second of your spare time into your business?

Well, these are the kind of things I used to say to myself as well.

You are not alone.


And the good news is it's not too late to change.

The day I started challenging these thoughts was the day I started living the life I dreamt of.

I realised all the women in business that I was aspiring to be just like, they were posting pictures of them working in beautiful places, travelling the world, and enjoying themselves and most of all having lots of time out to enjoy life.

Instead, I was chained to my desk, burning out every other day, I was overwhelmed and feeling like I was failing at life and wondering why I couldn’t think properly.

And no surprise I wasn’t attracting the clients I really wanted.

Now I’m not talking about going on holiday all the time or driving the fancy cars, I’m just talking about taking time to do the things I love. Everyday.

I thought that I just wasn’t like ‘them’ because I wasn’t at that stage in my business yet.

Boy, was I wrong!

What was really happening was I just hadn’t made the choice to live my life that way.

As soon as I change my mindset and started living the life I was dreaming of all these amazing things started to happen to me.

My creativity was at an all-time high, I couldn’t stop creating content and I was attracting more clients, making more money and manifesting like crazy.

But why? What changed?

I went from working 12 hours a day and stopped pretending I needed to be busier in my business and I started to work less and just use the time I had to get stuff done.

Now I have on average 1-3 hours of self-care a day. Nice hey!

You can too if you know what you want.

These days I work 3-5 hours and I stopped cramming work into every single spare moment I had and I just started enjoying my life.

Now I attract all the right kind of clients, women that also want to look after themselves, want tonnes of self-care and love and want to not be a slave to their desk or work their butts off for the rest of their life.

I’m totally aligned with who I want to attract.

Work smarter not harder.

Because what you focus on you get more of, right.

So, where is your focus at?

I now make sure I have a solid hour to myself before I start working and that helps me so much just to know I have nothing to do straight away after I take my daughter to school and it’s my hour to give myself the care I need to start my day the right way.

I started my coaching business for this exact reason.

I wanted to teach other women to stop putting others before their own needs, stop burning out, to get out there and take back what is rightfully theirs and start loving themselves everyday through thick and thin.

But most of all create a life and business they can to be proud of and to help them create the life they really want.

So, stop pretending to be busy

Work out your why

And what you REALLY want to do and have the business and life you dream of. Today.

Love Ange xo