What 2017 brought me

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What has 2017 brought you? 

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What 2017 brought to me

MAKE IT CLEAR WHAT YOU WANT - Hubby and moved to a new place an hour away to the house that I manifested. We decided to create a lifestyle we could have only dreamt of at the beginning of the year and got it all. Make sure you write it out and make sure every detail is what you REALLY want, don’t be vague with the universe or it will be vague with you.  

PRIORITISE HAPPINESS - Hubby and I have been through few hard years after both of us recovering from surgery and starting businesses, it was very stressful at times. So we made some big changes to our life to make it easier. Even though it was hard to make these big leaps and changes we still did them and they have made our life so much easier in the long run. We have now been able to prioritise time together and happiness, over unwanted stress. 

TRUST IN THE UNIVERSE - Hubby and I let go of many money blocks and learned to trust in the power of manifestation and ask the universe for whatever it is we wanted want and then let to go and just trust that it will happen. We didn’t sit there trying to work out how or when we just simply trusted and knew 100% that it was going to come to us and sure enough we have everything we have asked for. 

I FOUND MY PASSION - I have been able to coach some amazing women this year through so many wonderful things and the wonderful ladies I have met at my local workshops (My January workshop just sold out to 40 women coming !!)  I have a beautiful tribe and have surrounded myself with the most incredible women that are all chasing one thing, Friendship and happiness, I’m so glad to have you all come on this journey of self-discovery with me. If you haven't joined the tribe - Come find yourself here 

CHASE YOUR DREAMS - Never let anyone tell you that you can’t do anything. If you want it that bad get out there and chase that dream and make it a reality. The lady that invented spanks didn’t tell anyone for the first year about her idea and after a year told her family and friends and they looked at her weird when she told them that she was selling footless pantyhose and was already a millionaire, even though they didn't like her idea. Never let anyone stop you, only because it scares them for you to take a chance.


SELF LOVE IS THE KEY TO YOUR BEST LIFE - Give yourself the love you need it will change your life. Stop trying to find happiness or love from others and stop buying things you don’t need to fill voids you think you have. Happiness comes from within not from the outside in. 

FIND YOUR INNER CHILD AND LOVE HER/HIM HARD - I have found so many things this year that I used to do as a child and have embraced them and found my happy place. Who is your inner child and what does she/he need from you?

TAKE A LEAF FROM THE MINIMALISTS LIFE -  2017 Was the year we became minimalists. Presents turned from a stress filled time to have more presence. So we decided to give no gifts this year and chose to spend time together instead. This was the best decision we have ever made. You shouldn’t go into debt to show people you love them. Read more about my $100 Christmas here -


Get clear about what you want from your life, it’s your life, not anyone else. No one is coming to save you, Prioritise happiness every day, Trust in the plans the universe has for you, Find your passion and follow your dreams, Self-love is the missing piece you have been looking for to fill that inner void, Find your inner child and love him/her hard and Minimise your life to make space for the things that really matter. 

I wish you all the love peace and happiness in 2018. 

Love Ange xo

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