Presence not Presents this Christmas.


Christmas can be a stressful time, no denying it! Between buying, wrapping and giving gifts we don’t need, planning, decorating and lots of time spent going between family and friends – it can all get too much!

Some people love the holidays and some people dread this time of year.

But when we stop to think about it - what do we really want for Christmas?

Do we really want “more” stuff in the form of presents, or would you rather have more Presence and time to pay attention to the things that really matter?

What if you and your family could have the Christmas you have always dreamt of by working out what means the most to you and to stop following normal traditions of the silly season. An intentional Christmas season.

Well never fear - Ange and Jacinta are here!

We have created the 30 Days of Presence Challenge, and the best part is you don’t even have to be online to do it!

Just sign up here and we will give you the tools straight away to take back control of your Christmas, and help you uncover the way you really want to spend it.

In the 30 Days of Presence Challenge, we will….

- Help you focus on what you and your family really want to do over the month of December
- Simplify your time and your life
- Detox from screens gradually
- The mindfulness tools to help you stay present (especially in stressful times)
- Create memories with your family that money can’t buy

Staying present can be a hard thing to do when there is so much going on around you. The day you may find it hardest to stay present on is Christmas day - and this is the day you have waited all year to enjoy!

This is an easy mindfulness technique to help you stay present & enjoy being with your loved ones.

It is super simple and easy to remember & should take around one minute to complete.

It is simply, 5 things you hear, see and feel.

Anytime you feel your stress levels rising, do the following and it will ground you and bring your awareness straight into the present moment.

Sit or stand somewhere beautiful (or anywhere - no excuses!)

Take 3 big long slow breaths. In and out.

Close your eyes and begin to focus on 5 things you hear and list them slowly in your mind.

Then open your eyes and list 5 things you can feel. E.g. the warm breeze on your skin etc.

Stay present, in the moment continue to breathe it all in. 

Then list 5 things you can see. 

Continue to take some more deep breaths. 

By this time, you will have grounded yourself and brought your awareness to the present moment. Try to breathe out any more thoughts that come into your mind. 

If you are still busy in your mind, rinse and repeat the steps above.

Now, as you sit, remember to breathe deep and look at all the things around you with new eyes, take a look at them like you have never seen it before. This will keep you present. 

For example, if your child is unwrapping a present or playing with the dog; watch them. Look at their faces and notice everything about them. The way their hair is moving, how they are laughing, are they happy? Soak it in and let the busy thoughts drift away.

It’s easy to get caught up in the busyness of the day and rush everything onto the next task.


Just remember to ask yourself this following question as often as you can; “Do I really need to control this right now or can it wait?” Most of the time it isn’t as important as you thought it was and it can most likely wait until later or not be done at all.

Give the gift of attention and presence.