Living in your true alignment

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A few years ago, I found myself waking up every day feeling anxious about going to work and just generally existing in my life. 


This is what it felt like to be completely out of alignment and not be living the life I really wanted. 


Living with the fear of the unknown had me completely stuck. I was frozen with fear every day not knowing what to do or how to change.


Talking to customers all day was what I used to love doing until it meant if I didn’t sell to those customers I would lose my job. 


I hated the pressure of having to be two different kinds of people every day. I wasn't able to be my true self and I was also unsure of who I was anymore when I wasn't working. 


I had lost myself somewhere along the way.


All of this Brought with it massive amounts of anxiety and I felt sick to go to work every day or to even wake up. 


When did a job I love, turn in to a job that was making me sick every day with worry and anxiety?


Every morning when I woke up I wished was sick enough to not go to work, guess what I manifested, yep sickness and plenty of it. 


So then instead of just having anxiety about going to work. I was now really sick and I created more anxiety for myself about letting the people down that I really cared about by not being able to go to work and was always calling in sick. 


Finally, I figured out that I was completely out of alignment with my true self and my calling. 


I loved people and really enjoyed talking to people every day. I was good at my job and my employees loved what I did (when I was there). 


But it wasn’t until I started my coaching course to become a life coach and mentor that I was able to work through all the anxiety that I was feeling and answer that call to be 100% my true self, in my business and in life. No more living as two different people.


My anxiety melted away the day I was able finally leave my job and be able to start to do what I loved every day. 


And what I realised was if you aren’t in the true alignment of who you most want to be, the universe will throw so many signs at you until you listen. 


Those signs come in the form of Sickness, depression, anxiety, stomach problems and will all show up in your life because your body is yelling at you “I’m out of alignment!!” 


So, what do you do to get yourself back in alignment? 


Well, you look at all the things you love to do, make a list and go do one of those things and see if that brings you joy. Repeat the process until you can leave the things behind that don't bring you joy and happiness. 


Joy and happiness come from your passion to do what you love, this lights the fire in your belly and answers the calling in your heart. 


This is living in your true alignment.


Passion and happiness come from you to being able to live as your true self. 



I feel so blessed to work with women all around the world every day to help them create their true self by being completely aware of what their body and mind is trying to tell them. 


So they can live happily ever after and in love with their true self because they answered their calling. 💕


What's your calling?