Have you stopped seeing the beauty around you?

I live in one of the most beautiful places on earth and when you first ever see our beaches, rainforests and mountain’s you are awe of their undeniable beauty.

Sometimes it’s so incredibly beautiful it can take your breath away and you just want to stand in all its glory and just take in everything you see around you. You feel you are at one with nature.

The colour of the turquoise water, the sky so blue its reflection makes the water look like coloured glass, the deep greens of the plants and the song of all the wild birds, makes you feel alive.

But after a while of seeing it and being around this, you become immune to the beauty you once saw as magic. Its beauty seems to fade and the incredible surrounds can tend to get overlooked and reduced to a glance. Because it’s beauty is not how you once saw it.

Why does this happen?

It’s because the less we train our brains to stay in the moment with natures beauty and stay present with what you are seeing, it will fade and our mind will take over.

Then presence turns in to a glance and our brain goes ‘Oh yeah there is that beautiful beach I have seen before it must be the same as last time I saw it’ and just continues to keep thinking about all the stuff in your mind instead of staying present in the moment.

Teaching your mind to stay in the moment and focus only what you see, feel or hear can be tricky until you are aware of what you are doing, it’s only then that this conscious awareness can change.

Walking meditations are a great place to practice your present awareness.

I start with this trick and the awareness will follow. 

center yourself .png

Now as you sit or take your walk, remember to breathe and look at all those colours you once saw around you and zoom in, take a look like you have never seen it before.

This keeps you present.

This practice can work for all things, not just nature, you may like to use this with your partner or your house. Everything around you is still beautiful as the first time you saw it.

You just have to take the time to see it.