Mindfulness Colouring-in for Adults

Mindfulness colouring-in has become my favourite thing to do in my spare time (even as a 30 year-old). Not only can it bring us together as a family at the table, but it is wonderful to ease stress and tension from the body. There are so many benefits to it, for example it brings out the inner child in you and the creative side that we all wish we had at some point in our lives. Colouring-in can be a great way to slow down, ease stress, relax; it’s a wonderful form of meditation and it brings you into the present moment. It lets you escape the constant news feeds and news of the world and transports you into a colourful peaceful environment. Why wouldn’t you want to try this?


When you’re picking colours and concentrating on the page there is nothing else quite like it. It’s a wonderfully calming activity and at the end of it you have the satisfaction of completing something that you can look at and are proud of. Adult mindfulness colouring-in is becoming the hottest trend right now; although I started it way before it was a “thing”. There are lots of adult colouring-in books on the market, but personally I love Pinterest for finding pictures or mandalas that I that I think would make great addition to my collection. So get colouring!