STRESS… Is it really the route of all evil?

Stress will eat you up and spit you out before you even know what’s happened to you. Stress is the only thing in my life that can turn me into a monster in one minute flat.

It can reduce me to tears, and the biggest thing of all, it’s the main reason for my pain. It makes me sick and it makes me tired. I can’t eat or sleep. Does this sound familiar? Well read on.

To me It’s like a beast lying dormant inside of my body until BAM!! That’s it, it’s all over and watch out if you’re in my reach; it can get pretty nasty.

But sometimes it’s hard to know how to put the lid back on after you just blew it. Even on the best of days I find that if I am stressed, nothing gets done. I spend the day inside my head just running around and around in circles; feeling really busy and getting really tired but not achieving anything at all.

Well, I will let you in on a little secret… no one’s perfect and we actually do need some stress in our life to survive. Life gets really boring and we don’t change anything. Believe it or not our bodies actually need some stress, it’s what drives you to achieve your best, to change things and it helps to make life more exciting.

Without some stress life would so boring. So how do you keep stress at an equal good level I hear you say? Just a little stress, but not too much can actually make life quite wonderful. So here are a couple of my go to tips to keep your stress level down around the ‘let’s make things great’ level instead of ‘red hot, crouching tiger, hidden dragon’ level.

1.      When you feel the heat rising, get out of the kitchen. Try some cognitive diffusion. For example if someone is really getting to you, try and sing happy birthday in your head in swear words. Trust me it actually works and it’s so funny. Or turn that slow annoying person at work in to Eeyore, It can help turn your frown upside down quick sharp.