Why without these 8 steps your new year’s resolutions and goals are bullshit.

Set goal – Make sure your goal that you set is small enough to achieve yet big enough to give you something to aim for. Make sure your goal is written from a positive outlook. If you write that you want to lose weight for example just remember what happens when you lose something, you usually find it again.

Make a contract with yourself- It’s important to make a contract with yourself so you will remember in your mind that you are in a contract with yourself and then you are less likely to break that promise to yourself and are more likely to succeed at reaching your set goal.

Write something along the lines of this in your contract to yourself. Remember to keep it positive and focus on what you do want not what you don’t want.

I (insert name here) will achieve (state goal) by (set date, and year) signed (signature and date)

Gather your tribe –  Find friends, partners, mentors, coach, tell Facebook or a buddy that has the same goal as you and share it with them. By telling people what it is your goal is they can help you stay accountable and keep you on track.

Do you believe? – When you set a goal, you need to believe that you can achieve it. If you set a goal and you have blind faith that you are going to reach that goal, it can sometimes hinder the progress. But if you believe that you can achieve it, you are more likely to.

Find proof - Find testimonials from someone that has achieved a goal just like yours. This will help you to see the proof that its possible and help with your belief. You see this a lot with the health and fitness industry, celebrity’s vowing that some diet changed their life or gyms showing you how much weight someone has lost or a website explaining to you how someone really helped them with their goals. Find your proof.

Track your progress – Track your progress in a journal or on a calendar. My favorite ones when trying to add more self-care to your life is to set a goal of self-care every day then draw 30 (calendar month amount) love hearts on a piece of paper, stick it on your fridge and color one heart in for each day you do self-care and track how much love you are giving yourself over the month.

Take actionable steps – Work out what is your goals, then work out the smaller steps to reach the bigger one. Make sure you celebrate your small wins along the way and if you get off track with your actions remember that is past tense and you still have hours left to achieve it or a new day to just keep going. Writing down your goals is not enough for you to reach them. You need action, action and more action. This is the key to successfully reaching your goal.

Practice – Practice, practice and practice some more until it becomes a natural habit before moving on to a new goal. This is the final step but by no means the least important. This is how you become great at something. When you do yoga, it’s called a yoga practice, when you meditate, it’s called a meditation practice. They call it this because you will not reap the benefits of doing something if you don’t do it regularly.

There is no magic pill to make your goals happen. It takes planning, support, belief in yourself, celebrating your wins along the way, small actionable steps and practice, practice and more practice until it becomes a habit. You can do this, I know you can.

Happy new year and I hope 2018 is your best year yet with the help of these top 8 tips.

I would love to stay in contact with you and know how you’re going so feel free to join and share your goals and plans with our tribe on Facebook - Facebook.com/groups/findyourselfhere.

What 2017 brought me

what did 2017 bring you_.png

What has 2017 brought you? 

Your year in review angelamulvay.com.jpg

Don’t know what 2017 brought you, click here grab my free worksheet to help you work out what it brought you and what 2018 is going to bring you. Tell me all about it over in our tribe 

What 2017 brought to me

MAKE IT CLEAR WHAT YOU WANT - Hubby and moved to a new place an hour away to the house that I manifested. We decided to create a lifestyle we could have only dreamt of at the beginning of the year and got it all. Make sure you write it out and make sure every detail is what you REALLY want, don’t be vague with the universe or it will be vague with you.  

PRIORITISE HAPPINESS - Hubby and I have been through few hard years after both of us recovering from surgery and starting businesses, it was very stressful at times. So we made some big changes to our life to make it easier. Even though it was hard to make these big leaps and changes we still did them and they have made our life so much easier in the long run. We have now been able to prioritise time together and happiness, over unwanted stress. 

TRUST IN THE UNIVERSE - Hubby and I let go of many money blocks and learned to trust in the power of manifestation and ask the universe for whatever it is we wanted want and then let to go and just trust that it will happen. We didn’t sit there trying to work out how or when we just simply trusted and knew 100% that it was going to come to us and sure enough we have everything we have asked for. 

I FOUND MY PASSION - I have been able to coach some amazing women this year through so many wonderful things and the wonderful ladies I have met at my local workshops (My January workshop just sold out to 40 women coming !!)  I have a beautiful tribe and have surrounded myself with the most incredible women that are all chasing one thing, Friendship and happiness, I’m so glad to have you all come on this journey of self-discovery with me. If you haven't joined the tribe - Come find yourself here 

CHASE YOUR DREAMS - Never let anyone tell you that you can’t do anything. If you want it that bad get out there and chase that dream and make it a reality. The lady that invented spanks didn’t tell anyone for the first year about her idea and after a year told her family and friends and they looked at her weird when she told them that she was selling footless pantyhose and was already a millionaire, even though they didn't like her idea. Never let anyone stop you, only because it scares them for you to take a chance.


SELF LOVE IS THE KEY TO YOUR BEST LIFE - Give yourself the love you need it will change your life. Stop trying to find happiness or love from others and stop buying things you don’t need to fill voids you think you have. Happiness comes from within not from the outside in. 

FIND YOUR INNER CHILD AND LOVE HER/HIM HARD - I have found so many things this year that I used to do as a child and have embraced them and found my happy place. Who is your inner child and what does she/he need from you?

TAKE A LEAF FROM THE MINIMALISTS LIFE -  2017 Was the year we became minimalists. Presents turned from a stress filled time to have more presence. So we decided to give no gifts this year and chose to spend time together instead. This was the best decision we have ever made. You shouldn’t go into debt to show people you love them. Read more about my $100 Christmas here -


Get clear about what you want from your life, it’s your life, not anyone else. No one is coming to save you, Prioritise happiness every day, Trust in the plans the universe has for you, Find your passion and follow your dreams, Self-love is the missing piece you have been looking for to fill that inner void, Find your inner child and love him/her hard and Minimise your life to make space for the things that really matter. 

I wish you all the love peace and happiness in 2018. 

Love Ange xo

If you would like to start 2018 off right it's not too late to Join my 4 weeks Find your balance online coaching workshop for $25 a week starting 8th of January. Running every month if you miss the jan intake wwww.angelamulvay.com/findyourbalance

This Christmas cost $100

This christmas cost me a total of $100. Yep that’s right, it’s not a typo. Why did I spend so little? Because I am a minimalist and we choose to give presence over presents.

We don’t buy presents for adults we just make a card and tell them how much we love them and how much they mean to us. My child got 4 things she really wanted. A new outfit for christmas day, shoes, swimmers and a scooter from Santa. Total of 4 presents under our big christmas tree. And not one person was left disappointed.

Don’t get me wrong I absolutely love christmas (I suffer from OCD obsessive christmas disorder lol) and we are not poor by any means but we also don’t believe in going in to debt just to show people you love and care for them. You show them you love them by spending quality time with the ones you love, the gift of presence is what most people want.

If you ask any one that has lost a family member or lives far away from them, how much they miss them at christmas time? I can tell you it would be because they want more time with them and nothing else. Not presents, just time. And guess what? Money can’t buy you time. It’s the only thing in this world you can’t buy more of, time. So, use it wisely.

We spent the month of December doing the things we love, visiting family, looking at christmas lights with carols blaring on the speakers playing car karaoke, going to carols by candle light, baking cookies, playing board games, watching christmas movies, making art, swimming and going on random adventures.  My husband and I both run businesses and that never stopped us we made use of the time we had to spend quality time together.

All the stuff I mentioned above cost us basically nothing to do and we had the best time and I have the most precious memories with my little family. I basically only have 10-15 more years of her enjoying the little things christmas brings before she is off creating memories with her own friends and family.

Did I feel guilty by not giving in to the pressures of christmas, yes (but it faded pretty quickly). I avoid the shops and TV over christmas as it’s everywhere you look, buy this, buy that, show someone you love them today by sending yourself broke. Sounds strange when you think about it like that doesn’t it?

Work all year to buy things you can’t afford for people that don’t really want the stuff your buying (because happiness can’t be brought). To then stress yourself out more by spending hours preparing and shopping in massive crowds, trying to make everyone happy by putting yourself into debt or under more financial pressure, when all they want is to make you happy in return buy then buying you things you don’t want or need and all because society says that happiness is one more gift away.  Weird hey!

This is the first christmas where I felt so happy about all the memories we made as a family and in the words of frank Sinatra we did it our way.

Christmas traditions are yours to create, not to follow someone else’s or society’s view. Don’t do things that don’t bring joy, love and happiness into your life. If you don’t like cooking, don’t do it. If you don’t like entertaining your whole family don’t do it. This also goes for birthdays and anniversaries. Because the only thing that your children, family and friends are going to remember on that day is your mood. Your own happiness matters the most, it’s what spreads joy to others. So give yourself the best gift and relax and enjoy your life. Otherwise you might blink and miss it cos you were too busy.

I choose quality time with my family and friends all year round for every occasion I ask for memories and now so does my daughter, she is 5 and I had the happiest little girl on christmas day through the gift of time when I asked her what she would have preferred, lots more presents or the christmas we had, she said simply “this christmas was the best ever and I wouldn’t change anything”. That says it all really. And In a few days’ time the memories of the gifts will fade but the memories made through presence will last a life time.

Save your money on gifts and become rich with life. 

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year Everyone.


Presence not Presents this Christmas.


Christmas can be a stressful time, no denying it! Between buying, wrapping and giving gifts we don’t need, planning, decorating and lots of time spent going between family and friends – it can all get too much!

Some people love the holidays and some people dread this time of year.

But when we stop to think about it - what do we really want for Christmas?

Do we really want “more” stuff in the form of presents, or would you rather have more Presence and time to pay attention to the things that really matter?

What if you and your family could have the Christmas you have always dreamt of by working out what means the most to you and to stop following normal traditions of the silly season. An intentional Christmas season.

Well never fear - Ange and Jacinta are here!

We have created the 30 Days of Presence Challenge, and the best part is you don’t even have to be online to do it!

Just sign up here http://bit.ly/2hWLfRQ and we will give you the tools straight away to take back control of your Christmas, and help you uncover the way you really want to spend it.

In the 30 Days of Presence Challenge, we will….

- Help you focus on what you and your family really want to do over the month of December
- Simplify your time and your life
- Detox from screens gradually
- The mindfulness tools to help you stay present (especially in stressful times)
- Create memories with your family that money can’t buy

Staying present can be a hard thing to do when there is so much going on around you. The day you may find it hardest to stay present on is Christmas day - and this is the day you have waited all year to enjoy!

This is an easy mindfulness technique to help you stay present & enjoy being with your loved ones.

It is super simple and easy to remember & should take around one minute to complete.

It is simply, 5 things you hear, see and feel.

Anytime you feel your stress levels rising, do the following and it will ground you and bring your awareness straight into the present moment.

Sit or stand somewhere beautiful (or anywhere - no excuses!)

Take 3 big long slow breaths. In and out.

Close your eyes and begin to focus on 5 things you hear and list them slowly in your mind.

Then open your eyes and list 5 things you can feel. E.g. the warm breeze on your skin etc.

Stay present, in the moment continue to breathe it all in. 

Then list 5 things you can see. 

Continue to take some more deep breaths. 

By this time, you will have grounded yourself and brought your awareness to the present moment. Try to breathe out any more thoughts that come into your mind. 

If you are still busy in your mind, rinse and repeat the steps above.

Now, as you sit, remember to breathe deep and look at all the things around you with new eyes, take a look at them like you have never seen it before. This will keep you present. 

For example, if your child is unwrapping a present or playing with the dog; watch them. Look at their faces and notice everything about them. The way their hair is moving, how they are laughing, are they happy? Soak it in and let the busy thoughts drift away.

It’s easy to get caught up in the busyness of the day and rush everything onto the next task.


Just remember to ask yourself this following question as often as you can; “Do I really need to control this right now or can it wait?” Most of the time it isn’t as important as you thought it was and it can most likely wait until later or not be done at all.

Give the gift of attention and presence.

Have you stopped seeing the beauty around you?

I live in one of the most beautiful places on earth and when you first ever see our beaches, rainforests and mountain’s you are awe of their undeniable beauty.

Sometimes it’s so incredibly beautiful it can take your breath away and you just want to stand in all its glory and just take in everything you see around you. You feel you are at one with nature.

The colour of the turquoise water, the sky so blue its reflection makes the water look like coloured glass, the deep greens of the plants and the song of all the wild birds, makes you feel alive.

But after a while of seeing it and being around this, you become immune to the beauty you once saw as magic. Its beauty seems to fade and the incredible surrounds can tend to get overlooked and reduced to a glance. Because it’s beauty is not how you once saw it.

Why does this happen?

It’s because the less we train our brains to stay in the moment with natures beauty and stay present with what you are seeing, it will fade and our mind will take over.

Then presence turns in to a glance and our brain goes ‘Oh yeah there is that beautiful beach I have seen before it must be the same as last time I saw it’ and just continues to keep thinking about all the stuff in your mind instead of staying present in the moment.

Teaching your mind to stay in the moment and focus only what you see, feel or hear can be tricky until you are aware of what you are doing, it’s only then that this conscious awareness can change.

Walking meditations are a great place to practice your present awareness.

I start with this trick and the awareness will follow. 

center yourself .png

Now as you sit or take your walk, remember to breathe and look at all those colours you once saw around you and zoom in, take a look like you have never seen it before.

This keeps you present.

This practice can work for all things, not just nature, you may like to use this with your partner or your house. Everything around you is still beautiful as the first time you saw it.

You just have to take the time to see it.





Living in your true alignment

Untitled design (2).png

A few years ago, I found myself waking up every day feeling anxious about going to work and just generally existing in my life. 


This is what it felt like to be completely out of alignment and not be living the life I really wanted. 


Living with the fear of the unknown had me completely stuck. I was frozen with fear every day not knowing what to do or how to change.


Talking to customers all day was what I used to love doing until it meant if I didn’t sell to those customers I would lose my job. 


I hated the pressure of having to be two different kinds of people every day. I wasn't able to be my true self and I was also unsure of who I was anymore when I wasn't working. 


I had lost myself somewhere along the way.


All of this Brought with it massive amounts of anxiety and I felt sick to go to work every day or to even wake up. 


When did a job I love, turn in to a job that was making me sick every day with worry and anxiety?


Every morning when I woke up I wished was sick enough to not go to work, guess what I manifested, yep sickness and plenty of it. 


So then instead of just having anxiety about going to work. I was now really sick and I created more anxiety for myself about letting the people down that I really cared about by not being able to go to work and was always calling in sick. 


Finally, I figured out that I was completely out of alignment with my true self and my calling. 


I loved people and really enjoyed talking to people every day. I was good at my job and my employees loved what I did (when I was there). 


But it wasn’t until I started my coaching course to become a life coach and mentor that I was able to work through all the anxiety that I was feeling and answer that call to be 100% my true self, in my business and in life. No more living as two different people.


My anxiety melted away the day I was able finally leave my job and be able to start to do what I loved every day. 


And what I realised was if you aren’t in the true alignment of who you most want to be, the universe will throw so many signs at you until you listen. 


Those signs come in the form of Sickness, depression, anxiety, stomach problems and will all show up in your life because your body is yelling at you “I’m out of alignment!!” 


So, what do you do to get yourself back in alignment? 


Well, you look at all the things you love to do, make a list and go do one of those things and see if that brings you joy. Repeat the process until you can leave the things behind that don't bring you joy and happiness. 


Joy and happiness come from your passion to do what you love, this lights the fire in your belly and answers the calling in your heart. 


This is living in your true alignment.


Passion and happiness come from you to being able to live as your true self. 



I feel so blessed to work with women all around the world every day to help them create their true self by being completely aware of what their body and mind is trying to tell them. 


So they can live happily ever after and in love with their true self because they answered their calling. 💕


What's your calling?


Self-care RX to help you get better when you are sick

a weekly digest (1).png


This week for me has been a very long week, I have had the flu and now a bad respiratory infection that has literally knocked the wind out of me.


It could have been worse if I had not canceled my week and given myself the time to rest.


Sometimes very hard to have a whole week off, especially if you have a family to look after and a business that needs you.


Most of my week has been spent sleeping, eating and resting. (even with a 5-year-old)


Sometimes that’s all the self-care you can manage to do for yourself. And that is enough. I want you to know it's ok to take the time to rest and put yourself first.


It’s very important to not let your mind tell you that it’s not ok to rest and that you have so much to do right now because it’s never as important as your mind is making it out to be (it’s just playing guilt tricks on you).


Your health is the MOST important thing right NOW.


It can sometimes be very hard not to listen to the voice inside you that says everything isn’t going to be ok, the laundry is overflowing or the kitchen is a mess, but trust me it will all be ok.


It is so important to rest because if you don’t you can end up worse off. The stress you can cause yourself by not allowing your body the rest it needs to recuperate can make your sickness last a lot longer than it needs to.


Here is your RX for self-care when you are sick.


1. Warm shower with some lavender oil drops

2. Clean pajamas

3. Climb in bed and watch some of your favorite movies.

4. A warm cup of honey and lemon juice.

5. Soup, soup and more soup and Water, water, water. I like to keep hydrated by having lemon and or lime slices in my water.

6. Listing to podcasts or audiobooks in bed when you don’t feel like having your eyes open anymore.

7. Soft lighting, soft noises, comfortable blankets big plump pillows.

8. Good time to read any books you haven’t had time to read normally.

9. Listen to your body, don’t overdo anything and pay attention to what it needs from you. Water, food, rest, and repeat.

10. Last but not least. Give yourself a break, you are doing the best you can.

Self-care RX for when you're sick


Get well soon xo


Free self-care guide and ebook here --->http://bit.ly/2vdf95D

Business or Busy-ness

Are you always busy?

Do you feel like if you’re not busy, people won’t think you’re running a ‘real’ business?

Does it feel like you’re not successful if you’re not putting every single second of your spare time into your business?

Well, these are the kind of things I used to say to myself as well.

You are not alone.


And the good news is it's not too late to change.

The day I started challenging these thoughts was the day I started living the life I dreamt of.

I realised all the women in business that I was aspiring to be just like, they were posting pictures of them working in beautiful places, travelling the world, and enjoying themselves and most of all having lots of time out to enjoy life.

Instead, I was chained to my desk, burning out every other day, I was overwhelmed and feeling like I was failing at life and wondering why I couldn’t think properly.

And no surprise I wasn’t attracting the clients I really wanted.

Now I’m not talking about going on holiday all the time or driving the fancy cars, I’m just talking about taking time to do the things I love. Everyday.

I thought that I just wasn’t like ‘them’ because I wasn’t at that stage in my business yet.

Boy, was I wrong!

What was really happening was I just hadn’t made the choice to live my life that way.

As soon as I change my mindset and started living the life I was dreaming of all these amazing things started to happen to me.

My creativity was at an all-time high, I couldn’t stop creating content and I was attracting more clients, making more money and manifesting like crazy.

But why? What changed?

I went from working 12 hours a day and stopped pretending I needed to be busier in my business and I started to work less and just use the time I had to get stuff done.

Now I have on average 1-3 hours of self-care a day. Nice hey!

You can too if you know what you want.

These days I work 3-5 hours and I stopped cramming work into every single spare moment I had and I just started enjoying my life.

Now I attract all the right kind of clients, women that also want to look after themselves, want tonnes of self-care and love and want to not be a slave to their desk or work their butts off for the rest of their life.

I’m totally aligned with who I want to attract.

Work smarter not harder.

Because what you focus on you get more of, right.

So, where is your focus at?

I now make sure I have a solid hour to myself before I start working and that helps me so much just to know I have nothing to do straight away after I take my daughter to school and it’s my hour to give myself the care I need to start my day the right way.

I started my coaching business for this exact reason.

I wanted to teach other women to stop putting others before their own needs, stop burning out, to get out there and take back what is rightfully theirs and start loving themselves everyday through thick and thin.

But most of all create a life and business they can to be proud of and to help them create the life they really want.

So, stop pretending to be busy

Work out your why

And what you REALLY want to do and have the business and life you dream of. Today.

Love Ange xo





The Top 5 Secret of Caring for Yourself {Without a Side of Mummy Guilt}

We get told on a daily basis to ‘love yourself', but sometimes it doesn't feel that easy especially when you don't know where to start or you're a mum. This can be overwhelming, So I thought I would help you out. I have written My top 5 Secrets of Caring for yourself and made it a short post so you have time to read it. 

I have written an eBook with a self-care plan template to help you go even further once you get the hang of it.   >>> click here to receive a free download <<<<

Loving yourself tends to look different to most people. To some people, it might mean getting 5 mins to yourself and to other's they might be getting an 1 hour a day self-care and they are really rocking it. The days when you have the most stress are the days when you usually need lots of self-care.

For those of you that are just getting the hang of it and are trying to get over the guilt of even taking time out for yourself, then this post is for you. 

Caring for yourself shouldn't be an afterthought or something you only do when you have burned yourself out. It is something that you should be doing on the daily. 

If you're a mum and your putting your children's needs above your own and only caring for them, this needs to STOP now. You are doing your child and yourself an injustice by not showing them how to take care of themselves and by showing others how to treat them. Lead by example and take time out for yourself. 

I want you to take a moment and Imagine your little boy or girl becoming a parent and doing what you're doing to yourself right now by not taking care of yourself, what would you say to them? 

When you really think about this, it is a very powerful question that if answered, you might not like the answer to. 

Now you understand the importance of self-care, here are my 5 top secrets for caring for yourself {without a side of mummy guilt}. 

1. The first time you take time out for yourself will more than likely create some chaos in your household. HANG IN THERE, I promise you that it will get easier every time you take time for yourself. They will not know what is happening and it can make them uneasy not knowing what to do without you (for the first time). Even if you don't have a partner or they are away, it is something that is going to take time for your children to get used to. PLEASE don't give up after your first, second or third attempt to take time out for yourself. Each time will get easier on all of you, I promise. It's just going to take some time for everyone to adjust to the change. 

2. Schedule in 'me' time and give your partner time out too (sharing is caring). As women, we always schedule everything else in our lives, from soccer practice or ballet  and we are usually scheduled in within an inch of our life. Even if its 20 mins make sure the rest of the house knows that this is your time and yours alone. It might feel at times like the world will fall apart if you take that bath alone or go and read a book somewhere quiet or even go and do that yoga class you're always talking about, but again I need you to trust me when I say, NOTHING will happen. The pile of laundry will still be there when you get back. You will have a calmer state of mind to tackle it and a clearer head to deal with the rest of your life.

3. Make a self-care list of things you LOVE. If you don't have a list template you can download mine here.  This step is super important because if you don't LOVE everything on your list and you just like a couple of things you won't do it. So, make sure it's something you really love doing and have a love affair with it, think about it constantly and daydream about wanting to do those things on your list. For me, I have just started a new-found love affair with my bath tub and I can hear it calling my name when I'm getting stressed out.

4. Never finish the list of self-care items. Keep a running list for the rest of your life. If you have found something new that you love to do, be sure to put it on the list. If you don't like doing that thing anymore then take it off the list. But never finish that list.

5. Have fun. If you're not having fun and feeling amazing then you're not doing it right. And remember every day is a new day, start it fresh and don't punish yourself for what happened yesterday. Let it go and move on. 

That's it. I kept it short and sweet so you can read at the playground or on the toilet lol. I hope this post has helped you overcome some mummy guilt and move into a place of fun and happiness where you can enjoy your life with some much-needed self-care. Cos hey that's what life is all about right. 

 Ange xo

Mindfulness when dealing with chronic pain.




To experience the world in the ‘here’ and ‘now’ and only live for this moment – you can’t take a breath for the past or future, only this moment exists and therefore you need to stop being overly pre-occupied with thoughts of the future, yourself, or pain.

 To be in more control of your own mind, instead of your mind controlling you.

Not to change, avoid or get rid of unwanted thoughts or emotions, but simply allow them to be there, to come and go as they please.

To be aware that pain and tension is fluid and not solid - it changes!


       Lower pain intensity

       Less depression

       Less pain-related anxiety

       Greater physical and social ability

·       Less pain avoidance



 Observe: Just notice the experience without getting caught up in it, without reacting to it.

  Have a ‘Teflon mind’ letting experiences, feelings and thoughts come into your mind and slip right out.

 Watch thoughts coming and going, notice each feeling as it rises and falls. Notice what comes through your senses…

Describe: Put words on the experience, describe to yourself what is happening. Put a name on your feelings.

 When a feeling or thought arises, acknowledge it. For example acknowledge “That emotion was…” or “That thought was about…”

 Thoughts are often taken literally, that is, they become confused with facts (eg. ‘I feel unloved’ becomes ‘I am unlovable’).

Participate: Let yourself get involved completely in the moment, letting go of ruminating (over-thinking).

Become one with your experience, completely forgetting yourself in the moment.

Participate without separating yourself from the events and interactions, do this without self-consciousness.

Without judgement: Just the facts. See but DON’T EVALUATE.

   Focus on the ‘what’ not the ‘good’ or ‘bad’, the ‘terrible’ or the      ‘wonderful’, the ‘should’ or ‘should not’.

   Unglue your OPINIONS from the facts.

   In the moment: DO ONE THING AT A TIME...

   When you are eating, eat. When you are walking, walk. When you   are bathing, bathe.

  When you are in a group or a conversation, focus your attention     on the very moment you are in with the other person.

    UNHOOK thoughts, emotions and sensations that distract you,       place them on a cloud and watch them soar away.

                 Slowly breathe, take your time, put your thoughts on a leaf in a               stream and let them wash away. CONCENTRATE YOUR MIND.

 If you find you are doing two things at once, stop and go back to one thing at a time.


  1. Become aware of your pain story, the things you tell yourself and the way you feel when you’re in pain and suffering. 
  2. Unhook yourself from that story; let it go, especially when you start to ruminate.
  3. Be aware of when there is extra tension created in your body by stress and use mindfulness to let this go.
  4. Physicalise your pain… give it a colour, shape, texture and allow it to be there; breathe into it, visualise.
  5. Strategies that will soothe that pain include breathing warmth into it, dissolving the pain. Visualise it melting, fading away…


    Angela xo