Hi, Im Angela.  

I'd like you to think of me as your personal life trainer, coaching you to lead your best life yet, getting you mentally fit and prepared for all of life’s challenges and obstacles. Together we will lay them all out and make you the champion of your own journey. Together we will create you a healthy mindset and smash down any challenging beliefs.

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WARNING - Working with me may cause the following side effects. You may experience miraculous changes in your life. You may also experience feelings of joy, contentment and happiness. Coaching may also cause changes to your personal wellbeing and state of mind.

A strong woman knows she has strength enough for the journey, but a woman of strength knows it is in the journey where she will become strong.
— unknown

Still not sure about me and what I do?



I’m a life guide (coach), a writer, a mother, a wife, a lover of life, a teacher of all things magical, a spiritual discoverer of the world, a minimalist at heart and a fountain of untapped knowledge.


I am here to show you that the path you seek on the way to self-love and discovery is already deep inside you. All the happiness you wish and dream for is just trapped under years of dust, fear and the unknown the future.

All you have to do is learn to love yourself from the inside out and with that one thought, you can crack yourself open just enough so that the light inside of you can shine out and light up the path you need to find your way. You can stop overthinking everything and I can show you ways to be happier, less stressed, calmer, be less busy and attract all the things you do really want in your life.


Together we will lighten your load in body mind and soul and create new life. One you actually want, not one thrown together from everyone else’s lives that you have learned to use over the years. Together we will unlock the hidden potential you may already know that exists inside of you.

I want you to know that life isn’t meant to be hard or complicated. We just learn from a young age that excuses are often easier than just doing something we truly want to do. So, we continue using these same thought patterns that no longer serve us and expect them to get different results.

My Aim Is to break open these excuses and shitty things you have been telling yourself and make you rethink everything you have ever taken for certain and set in stone.

How many times do you hear about people being in an accident and being told they will never walk again and then surprise surprise they walk again. It's because they have learned that nothing is EVER set in stone!! Ever!

Through self-discovery and love, we can begin to break down old ways of thinking and create new pathways for your brains new thoughts patterns.

I want you to be able to stop existing and start living your life the way it should be lived.

Now don’t get me wrong a few short years ago my life was VERY different. I was a relatively new mother to a 2-year-old and I was suffering silently from post-natal depression. I was overwhelmed every day by the amount of pressure I put on myself to be a perfect mother wife, housewife and the only person that was giving me a hard time was myself. I was burying my self-alive with my own thoughts.

I was suffering (or suffocating not sure which one) from depression, anxiety, blackout panic attacks, fibromyalgia, chronic pain, chronic fatigue and felt like I had OCD when it came to cleaning my house.

I would burn out on a daily, sometimes hourly basis and find myself so overwhelmed crying on the floor in a puddle of tears. Some days I couldn’t even handle the thought of which clothes to wear.

No doctor was helping me they just keep throwing more and more medication at me hoping to help me have one better day than the last. I was scared of myself and even went on a lovely week holiday to the mental ward once because, well life.

I thought life couldn’t get any better and that I was just going to have to live like this for the rest of my life. Doctors kept telling me that I was on my way to an early grave and I didn’t seem to care much. I just knew that the end was close and I didn’t have to suffer anymore or cause anyone else around me anymore pain by having to deal with me.

Then one day in the midst of a thousand tears I cried so far that day. I just stopped thinking I wondered what would happen if I just stopped my spiral of descent into the underworld of pain and darkness and stopped thinking. It was so peaceful in that 3 mins on the bathroom floor, and in that tiny moment I saw enough light to know I wasn’t completely full of darkness and if I wanted to stop all this then I would just have to TRY.

It wasn’t until a few months later when I went and had surgery to remove a previously broken tailbone that in the darkest moment I found that light again I cracked it wide open. I chose to forget all the story’s I had been telling myself for all these years (especially the ones the doctors had fed to me) and decided that day in my hospital bed that if I wanted to get better all I had to do was point myself in the direction I wanted to go and go there.

I decided in that moment to stop the noise in my head, simplify my life, reduce the mental and physical clutter and cut the bullshit and just live my goddamn life.

So I did, some people call that an “awakening or a rebirth” but that day for me was the day I started living, as me.

Becoming the best version of myself wasn’t found by reading this new book or watching this new documentary or seeing a new doctor or trying a new drug.


Now I’m not going to pretend this part was easy because it wasn’t. The last time I had probably been this vulnerable and ‘with myself’ was probably in my mother’s womb, and yet there was something so refreshing about having a clean slate to start again and design my new life. In that moment I had given myself back all the power I was missing and stopped being run by my thoughts, fears and pre-programming. now I was free to create whoever I wanted to be. This was the fun part and yet also scary as shit.

Now, this is what I want to teach you and help guide you and show you that life doesn’t need to be hard it can be easy, even if you don’t know where you want to go. It's more fun when you don’t know any of this because that where all the fun begins.

As your life coach (I prefer the word life guide) I want to walk beside you as your friend and personal cheerleader and show you that life isn’t meant to be hard and complicated and that with a few adjustments life can actually be quite simple and fun, you can be happy. all the problems you have going on for you at the moment, have just been created by the voice inside you that tells you that you have to give yourself a hard time every day and usually the old patterns that have been handed down to us.

So, let’s go find yourself. You have got this.


What others really think about me...

"Angela is such an amazeballs coach! During the session she listened, explained and uplifted me about my goals and my journey. I am now going to trial this new + approved mindset for the the next 3 weeks - I am sooo super pumped! Mama life is tough + mix it in with building a business I am always left so scattered - so hopefully with her simplified steps I can get my life into a balance and feel a lot more 'present' with my two boys. Definitely recommend her 1 hour coaching session - it has left me feeling more positive about my future than I have in a while! THANK YOU ANGELA! You rock sister! - Dafney"
"At a time where I lacked focus & direction I was offered a gift in the form of Angela Mulvay. Omg I'm so grateful. In my first coaching session she was able to break every area of my life down & what I wanted to accomplish. I walked out with a clear plan she got me to and a task list to start working on over the first month. I felt uplifted, motivated, and excited to start on my plan with clear intent. She is available to me thru the process if I need any questions, help or motivation. Not only am I more aware and focused on the physical daily tasks & work but also on myself & using her self-care book to invest in myself some much needed TLC. If you find yourself in a situation similar to me where I know what I want but not how to get there and need more clarity I can't recommend her enough. - Autumn"